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What grade levels to you present to?

We offer presentations for grades K-12. We tailor the presentation to be age appropriate both in content and time.

How long are your school presentations?

We can customize our presenations to fit your needs. Typically, we can fill a 90 minute slot for the middle to high school level and a 45-60 minute slot for the elemnetary level.

How can schools find funding for your presenation?

A presentation by Tom and Rick with the Sweethearts and Heroes message has immeasurable value for your school. There are some creative ways to make your budget work which include:

1. Find other schools in your area to share in the cost. If we have several presentations in different schools in a particular area, we can reduce the cost of the presentation for your school. 

2. Explore the possibilities of grant monies your school may that could go toward the cost of the presentation. 

3. Find a corporate sponsor. Many corporations like to sponsor the cost of a school presentation as it gives them advertisement in the community. Corporations can pay Be a Hero, LLC directly or can give monies to the school to cover all or part of the cost. 

4. Inquire if there are monies available from a BOCES program for your community or something of similar nature.

How much do your presentations cost?

We work hard to presentation affordable for your school. Fill out a book us request and we will contact you with more details based on your particular needs.